Hello, hello

I’ve worked in libraries for nearly 8 years now. Well libraries is a misnomer in some ways as I’ve always been based in UCC Library but I did work in the Health Sciences library which is on one of UCC’s satellite campuses for six months. Since I started in UCC Library I’ve always worked on front-line services: Customer Services, InterLibrary Loan, Health Sciences Customer Services and Information Desk, and Special Collections.

In November 2012 I started working as the Special Collections Librarian in UCC and now I don’t work as much on the front-line. Instead I’m working on exhibitions, collection development and organisation, promotion of collections through blogging, and information literacy classes.

I’m interested in social media and the possibilities that are there. I was told in a tweet via @JMBurns99that I should look to my earlier years to find answers as to why I am on my current path. My earliest recollection is of wanting to be an astronaut. I was 8. I’ve never really stopped shooting for the stars, corny as it sounds though the nearest I’ve come to space is reading Chris Hadfield‘s An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth. I read it over a few days and my tweets reflected what I was reading:  For example on 18 February 2014 I said: “How to view the world & myself differently: Think like an . How to do this: change my perspective. I need a new shorthand.”

I need a new shorthand; I want to try new things; I like social media. Let me give this moocie a go and see where it takes me…


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