Things: Bright & Shiny

I use Things: Bright & Shiny to explore new technologies, new ways of doing things, new… Oh I sound like the opening credits to Star Trek! But I find it handy to separate out my blogs. Thoughts of Walker Abroad was supposed to be used in conjunction with the International Librarian Network so I could explore what it meant for me to work in a library.

Things: Bright and Shiny is the blog where I do explore new technologies. The last time I used it was in the summer and autumn of 2012. I worked on 23 Things for CPD and it taught me a lot about social media and general thoughts about working in a library. Once the course ended I let the blogging slip to one side. I concentrated more on Twitter which seems to be working out some. I tried 23 Things for Productivity but ironically that didn’t work out.

This time I’m going to try again. Oxford is running a 23 Things for Researchers and it’s open to non-Oxford staff. I learned so much from the last 23 Things I did that I think two years on it’s time to update my skills.

Let it begin! And maybe if get into the blogging groove (and I hear it’s making a come-back!) I’ll post more overall.