Last year I wrote about how I was starting a new course in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education and how I was going to blog my way through the course. Em, well that didn’t go to plan but I did save my responses to the course blogging assignments that we had. Today I received word that the Parchment Presentation Ceremony (I could be in Harry Potter!) was going to be in 10 days time. Unfortunately I’d be away for it happened but it reminded me that I should post my responses. So in a series of posts I’ll belatedly blog what the modules were like:

  • TL6003 Theories of Teaching, Learning and Assessment (15 credits) – Semester 1
  • TL6004 Practice Approaches to Teaching, Learning and Assessment (15 credits) – Semester 2

Digital Knowledge: Thing 2 – Blogging

Onto Thing 2! Oh the joy of MOOCs at the start!

I don’t have access to Lynda.com but this is the second time in a week that I’ve heard about it. I must pass it onto our team for continuing personal and professional development (CPPD).

I hope to brush up on existing skills and learn some new ones which I may use personally or use immediately in a work context or ponder for a while so that I can use it in a year’s time in a work context.

Thing 2: Blogging 
I like blogging and have a few different blogs on the go although I’m better at contributing to The River-side, my work blog, than I am to any of the three personal ones I have! Oops!

I’ve blogged about:
What I’ve seen or done is a way of incorporating reflective practice into my professional life https://thoughtswalkerabroad.wordpress.com/ 

Events in order to help me remember them more clearly in the future

I also blog as a way to test out different apps and I give myself 30 days to try the app! http://cloudwalkerabroad.tumblr.com/

Blogging Platforms 
I’ve had this blog on Blogger for quite a while but I use WordPress at work and the Tumblr guide would have been very handy when I started that blog!

I knew I’d heard of PebblePad before but couldn’t remember when. A search for UCC and PebblePad on what but Google brought me to a news item for its use with the School of Pharmacy. Last year one of my group had described its use on an online forum for the course on teaching & learning in higher education.

Some browsing on the pages for it on the University of Edinburgh website made me wonder how it could be adapted for modules that use Special Collections or for staff as a way to track their own courses. Hmm!
“Use PebblePad in facilitated teaching, learning, and personal development contexts. As the facilitator, you can create custom resources for learners to use and submit for your feedback. You can promote continual engagement from learners by releasing new content at set times – and learners’ additions and changes will filter through to you until the date and time you choose.”

Plenty of things to consider for how it may be used!

One more thing to go back to the CPPD team!

Rud 2: Actual Blogging

Seven Questions
Chosen celebrity: Neil Armstrong
This challenge would be pretty much impossible as Neil Armstrong was notorious for rarely doing interviews. Still…

  1. Why did you decide to become an astronaut?
  2. Is there a particular skill set required? Being a pilot already?
  3. In Chris Hadfield’s autobiography An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth he talks about thinking like an astronaut. What is thinking like an astronaut? 
  4. If you couldn’t have been an astronaut what would you have done?
  5. …..
  6. …..
  7. …..
This is no good! I can’t think of Q5 – 7. We’ll just pretend that that’s when I was awestruck and said ‘um’ a lot!

How did I start in libraries?
I had to wait until I was seven and my sister could read and then we both joined the library. For years we both went once a week usually after we had done the food shopping with our Dad. After a while I stopped reading children’s fiction, YA wasn’t there then, and I moved to the grown-ups’ section. There I read mostly genre fiction: crime and science fiction.

White, James. Star Surgeon.
UCC Library.

Undergrad Done
When I finished my undergrad someone said to me “Would you like to work in a library?” and I said “No, I think those people are boring!” Later I would become a student shelver in the library and I realised that I had miscalculated. I really enjoyed working in the library and I still know the Dewey classification scheme well for the sciences and engineering. Super useful at quizzes!

Onto the Library
I started looking into working in a library, any library really, I did a few interviews and waited for places to get back to me. This was during the Celtic Tiger when panels were formed and it might be a year before they’d get back to you. I started working in UCC Library 19th June 2006 – some days you don’t forget. I remember wearing pink shoes (do I even own pink shoes now??) and they weren’t comfy by day’s end!

Over the last nine years I’ve always worked on front-line services: Customer Services, InterLibrary Loan, Health Sciences Customer Services and Information Desk, and Special Collections. In November 2012 I started working as the Special Collections Librarian in UCC and now I don’t work as much on the front-line. Instead I’m working on exhibitions, collection development and organisation, promotion of collections through blogging, and information literacy classes.

Actual Blogging
Anyone who works in library land may be annoyed, read will be annoyed, at some point that all other people think we do is read all day at work because we like to read. Sure, I like to read and I have read at work but then that’s part of the job too. I’m doing this post at work as it’s part of CPD. I can’t magically move the information into my head without reading it. The ‘fun’ reading of genre fiction however, well that has to stay outside of work. There are limits!

White, James. Star Surgeon. London: Corgi, 1967.

Rud 1: Blogging

This is probably the easiest first post for me as I’ve had this blog for quite a while (quick check says since 2012!) but it did give me the opportunity to recheck the information on my profile page and do some quick edits.

I started blogging with Blogger because I found it the most intuitive.

Subsequently I  used WordPress with work: The Riverside: Reflections on Research Collections at UCC Library. Perhaps because I had already used Blogger I now found WordPress easy to use.

In an effort to separate out the different parts to my library life I kept Things: Bright & Shiny for CPD related matters such as 23 Things and started a new one on WordPress for library musings. Well, I tried to do this but  life has a habit of getting in the way!

I’m interested in emerging technology so I tried Tumblr. I set it up to do a 30 Days series and completed:
30 Days of Sky: #skyphoto
30 Days of Tree: #treephoto
30 Days of Spring: #springphoto

Onto Rudai 23!